The installation of a brand new FLX lighting console, Yamaha TF5 sound desk, projector and Apple Mac computer will allow Maesteg Town Hall to continue to attract professional live productions, which demand high quality sound and lighting.

Shows such as the Johnny Cash Roadshow require special effects such as ‘intelligent’ stage lighting. The new lighting desk allows the lights to be automated, so they can move and create complex and colourful effects on stage.

Similarly, the new sound desk ensures that the audience can hear clear and well-defined audio from the performers on stage, from wherever they are sat in Maesteg Town Hall. Its built-in features for fading and mixing sound make it easier for staff to control and use.

Richard Hughes, Chief Executive of Awen Cultural Trust, which manages Maesteg Town Hall, said:

“The previous lighting and sound desk was analogue and old. We are delighted that, through our partnership with Maesteg Town Council, we could update these consoles, which work seamlessly with a new projector and Apple Mac computer. We can now meet the industry standards expected of visiting professional theatre companies, live music promoters, comedy and entertainment agencies. The new digital technology will also allow us to better support and enhance the way our local users present their fabulous work, and provide them with an even more professional environment in which to work.”

The Mayor of Maesteg, Councillor Idris Williams, added:

“We have been impressed by the number of big names that have been attracted to Maesteg Town Hall over the past couple of years, including high profile names in comedy, music and drama. To continue to attract performances of this calibre, and provide entertainment of this quality to our local communities, we recognised the need for updated sound and lighting within the Hall. As part of our commitment to supporting Maesteg Town Hall, we were pleased to contribute to the investment that was needed.”