Programme Manager

Nicola Edwards


I first learnt about Awen when I was looking to re-locate back to my home town of Bridgend following a long stint as a booking agent in London. It felt like a dream come true as I had always wanted to use my event management skills and passion for community arts back in my hometown and try and make a real change in Bridgend.

My role as programme manager has given me the privilege to learn about all of Awen’s truly fantastic venues and the diverse communities that surround them in Bridgend. It is my role to find quality artists to perform as part of artistic programs for Grand Pavilion, Maesteg Town Hall, Bryngarw Country Park, Blaengarw Workmen’s Hall and all of our lovely libraries. Being a dedicated programme manager has allowed me to focus in on the needs of each venue, develop the type of work that is available across Bridgend and start attracting new artists that have not performed in Bridgend before. This opportunity has only helped my passion for music, theatre, dance and participatory arts to grow.

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