Lockdown Writing Tonic

27th Apr
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A two session creative writing course focusing on narrative arc and self-editing, run by local author and editor Laura Foakes.

Date & time:  27/04/21 at 7pm AND 11/05/21 at 7pm.
Course content:
Session 1
Structure is as important as content: The Narrative Arc, its history, why it works, and how you can apply it to improve your creative writing.
Challenge: To write a short story using the theory of the Narrative Arc.
Interim: Private written critiques from the course leader.

Session 2
Participants feedback on received critiques.
Narrative prose versus narrative summary.
Self-editing tools; resisting the urge to explain; recognising common mistakes.
Challenge: redraft your story . Course leader will provide private written feedback on redrafted stories.

Age Guide: Age 18+ Length of session: 1 hour each.
Sessions cannot be booked seperately, one ticket accesses both.

This is a Pay What You Can event; recommended price is £20.00.

Tickets: £0.00 - £30.00

Ticket Status: Available

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