Development Manager for Natural Heritage

Dan Lock

About Dan +

I first became a ranger at Bryngarw Country Park in 2007. From my very first day on the job, I knew Bryngarw was where I wanted to be. The combination of natural environment and easy access for the local communities and schools meant that my role had huge potential for helping people of all ages to reconnect with nature with all the benefits that brings.

The role is inspiring, rewarding and exhilarating. When Awen took over the management of Bryngarw in 2015, I became Development Manager for Natural Heritage, which gave me even more scope to help influence and steer Bryngarw’s development. I have since used my skills and experience to represent Awen in helping other sites to fulfil their own potential. Awen in turn has given me the support and opportunities I needed to realise my own potential, to become the best that I could be in my role, which is as much as any employee could ask for.