Wuthering Heights

28th Aug
Children | ALL EVENTS

Step into the mysterious realm of Wuthering Heights, home to the Earnshaw family and the enigmatic orphan, Heathcliff. While under the care of the wealthy Mr Earnsaw, Heathcliff’s relationship with the gentleman’s daughter, Catherine, blossoms into an unruly and passionate romance.

Betraying her heart, Catherine resigns herself to marry a man of her own class, leading Heathcliff down a vengeful and self-destructive path. His possessive and erratic nature drives him to enact a torturous scheme of revenge on the next generation of Earshaws.

Join Heartbreak productions for this outdoor adaptation of Emily Bronte’s haunting tale of two restless souls as wild and untamed as the bleak Yorkshire moors. Pack a chair or blanket, a picnic, dress for the weather, and come see for yourself if Catherine’s ghost still haunts Wuthering Heights.

Age: 9+

Please bring your own blankets/seating. Chairs are not provided. 

Bryngarw Park

Tickets: £8.50 - £38.00

Ticket Status: Available

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